The whole world fits inside your cloud!

  • 🗺 Map: 
    Using OpenStreetMap and Leaflet, you can choose between standard map, satellite, topographical, dark mode or even watercolor! 🎨
  • ⭐ Favorites: 
    Save your favorite places, privately! Sync with GNOME Maps and mobile apps is planned.
  • 🧭 Routing: 
    Possible using either OSRM, GraphHopper or Mapbox.
  • 🖼 Photos on the map: 
    No more boring slideshows, just show directly where you were!
  • 🙋 Contacts on the map: 
    See where your friends live and plan your next visit.
  • 📱 Devices: 
    Lost your phone? Check the map!
  • 〰 Tracks: Load GPS tracks or past trips. Recording with PhoneTrack or OwnTracks is planned.

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